Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Ryan & Yvonne | Engagement

A few weeks ago I did this photoshoot with Ryan & Yvonne, we went to an old farm with really cool old stuff! It was a WHOLE lot of fun!!

This car was SO COOOOOLLLL :) I really liked it!

As you may notice it this picture there is SNOW!! So you can imagine that it is not all that warm at this point! Ryan and Yvonne were GREAT sports about it cause it was COLD!!!

Reachelle came and helped me :) THANKS GIRL!!!

Then we quickly went to an old church that was nearby and got these...

Thanks a lot you guys I had LOTS of fun with you!!


Shelby said...

my favorite engagement pictures

Snow! oh my. i'll send you some of our 80s weather, only if you'll oblige and send some snow in the winter. =) we never get snow.

Rebecca Pauls said...

WOW, WOW, WOW!!! Once again, great job Meggie! I really like the ones where she has her hand on his shoulder, and the one where they are looking at each other around the corner, and the ones with the sunset... and I think you get the picture, you and Rae did a great job! Oh and the one of Rae's camera taking a picture, that one is so cool too! :)

Anonymous said...

Hopefully the next Engagement Pictures you have on here will be yours!!! I would love to take them! No Preasure I am just putting this out there so you know I would like too! Well all these pictures look great1 There is one thing I noticed there are no snowy engagment picture:O thet means yours should be in the snow! But who am I to say?

Hugs Megan