Thursday, April 29, 2010

{Fun In The Rain }

On Sunday we were at our grandparents place....and I just HAPPED to have my camera along (strange I know :) so Jen and I decided to take some pictures ... soon as we started guess what?!? it started to RAIN so out came the umbrella and off
we went :).....

In all these pictures I needed the umbrella and Jen had to brave the rain :) And let me tell you something...It is VERY hard to take pictures and hold an umbrella at the same time (well at least it was for me :) But it was a lot of fun anyway!


Shelby said...

ha! i like all of them, but the hay bales are the best

Rebecca Pauls said...

Ever so nice girls!! They are all really cool!! And you did a wonderful job of both taking pictures and holding the umbrella Meg, and Jen you did a great kob of smiling and standing in the rain. :)
Love you girls!
<3 Becca

Anonymous said...

Was LOTS of fun Meggie! (always is :)

Your big sissy

McKenzie Elizabeth said...

Too cute! I love the secound one from the bottom.



Anonymous said...

Girls you did a wonderful job,the pictures are beautiful!!

Jen your very cute in purple :)

Looks like you girls had a great time!

Love you lots!!!


Jordie, Janae & Jerica said...

You did an amazing job Megan! Jenifer you are beautiful! You girls are beautiful women of God and great examples to us.
love, Jordie, Janae, and Jerica