Monday, April 5, 2010

Just going a LITTLE crazy :)

We just got a new Mac computer a couple days ago so we have been having a lot of fun with it, especially with the photo booth :) Here are some pictures that we got this evening....

I know...Just a LITTLE CRAZY!!! but it is alot of fun :) I hope I didn't make you laugh to hard :) hehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehe...


Shelby said...

HAHA! those are great.especially the last one.
and three cheers for a Mac!

my brothers really explored the camera, when i got mine. i had a ton of goofy pictures!

Anonymous said...

Thats great Meg.
I like the fourth one:)
Love you and miss you lots Rita

3 Sisters Soaking Up The Son said...

WOW! That is so, so funny Megan!
I do not know which one I like better.

Not much longer:)

Love ya,

McKenzie Elizabeth said...

Too funny;)I love it!!
Hope you are having a good week.