Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The Pauls Family

I took a photo shoot of this beautiful family (Mr. + Mrs. Pauls, Evangeline, and Beatrix) on Friday at our extended Pauls family gathering. They have the most adorable twins! I was SO happy when they asked me to do another photo shoot with them :).
I also did a photo shoot with just the girls the next day and I will be posting them sometime soon.

I had a lot of fun with you guys! THANKS!!


Anonymous said...

Meg once again you did a wonderful job!!!

The pictures are all so sweet,I love them.

Love ya tons girl!


~E~R~I~N~ said...

Wow those are really cute!
I think the twins are cute but twins ALWAYS are!
Take me for example!
I'm a twin and I am very cute! Right??? Just kidding!

And way to go getting a Mac they are fantastic!

Mrs. Pauls said...

Thanks so much! They are great! Can't wait to see them all.

Lisa said...

I am totally in love with the fourth picture down. Amazing pictures again!

~Jane's sis

•Karis Brown• said...

I've been looking through some of your pictures,
and you're an amazing photographer! :) Can't wait to see more!

Coreen Berube said...

Oh you do a beautiful job....wish you lived closer and I'd have you do our family! Good work at capturing the cuteness!

Megan said...

Thank - you ALL for you kind words...You DON'T know how much they mean to me! THANK YOU!!!!


Cathy said...

perfect, adorable and I love the one with babies peeping over their shoulders!

amd said...

Beautiful pictures, thank you for sharing them. You have such imaginative poses.

The other Grandmother