Monday, April 26, 2010

i AM alive :)

Hello!!! It has been ahwile! BUT I do have a VERY good reason :) last saturday we had some VERY SPECIAL FRIENDS come out for a few days! (Mom will be posting some pictures and stuff on our blog sometime soon ), and we have been busy with seeding! As for now I am just popping to tell you that I am still alive and am planning to post some more pictures of the twins, engagement pictures and more soon!!! Not sure when but hopefully soon! :) :)

BUT, in the occasion of the NHL playoffs, I am going to leave you with a HiLaRiOuS (well at least I think it is :) video by the Josties family...

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Anonymous said...

Oh I didn't even have to watch it to comment on it :)

Love IT!!

Agreed it is HILARIOUS,they did a GREAT job.

Thanks for poasting!

Love you lots girl!!