Monday, November 30, 2009

Psalm 113:3

From the rising of the sun to the place where it sets,
the name of the LORD is to be praised

Friday, November 27, 2009

Snack Time...With Joey :)

This evening Josiah decided that it was time that he should make his own food!

All Ready...

Always make sure the spoon is clean BEFORE you start to bake...

I think this is the way Megan always does it !?!?!

A little bit of this..

Dosn't it look YUMMY??

Now this is what I call GOOD...if only Megan would stop taking pictures of me and watch what she is doing  :(

Clean- up on aisle #3

All full....

That was so GOOD...I think that I will write the recipe dowm :)

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Still Here :)

Sorry I havn't posted the rest of the pictures yet :(...Life has been a bit busy lately so you might have to wait a bit longer for the rest.

But here is one picture of what I get to see in the barn every morning....

Is he not just so sweet???

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Coming Up...

I thought that I would give you a sneak peak of what I am working on....and hopfully I can post some more pictures VERY SOON :) Keep checking in.


Saturday, November 14, 2009


A hat
( Just in case you were not to sure what it was :)

Jennifer owns these....

(no I don't own all of these just one of them ;)

( We feed the horses this everyday)

Name: Pick
Nicknames: Picker, Picks, Picker boy,
Breed: Quarter Horse
Age: 9
( This is my horse and I think he is the sweetest thing..don't you?)

Name: Princess
Nickname: Pumpkin, Baby, Ping Pong,
Breed: Paint
Age: 10
( This is Jennifer's horse...don't you love her eyes?)

Name: Sierra
Nicknames: GMC Sierra, C,
Breed: 3/4 Quarter Horse and 1/4 Pony
Age: 4
(This is Kerri's horse...)

Happily Eating :)
(Can't you see their BIG smiles?)

A Cat on the Saddle
(ok I really don't think that I needed to tell you that!)

Some CRAZY girl.....Not sure who...HMMMM

(L-R Kerri's, Jens, Mine, Just in case you were wondering. :)

Friday, November 13, 2009

I've got The BEST lil' Sis EVER!

On Wed Jen and I were SICK :( and Mom was outside helping Dad...So that meant that Kerri had alot of work to do... lets see....she...Made the meals...Did the wash...Fed the horses...Took care of the kids....Kept the house clean....DO YOU GET THE PICTURE?!?!??....She did all the work with such a willing heart, if I would try to help her she would just say "Go sit down."  WOW! and when Kerri and I were milking she didn' t let me do anything more than I had to!...and if I did Sshe would say "Has nobody ever told you how to listen to your little sister? Now say YES MAM and go sit DOWN!!!" Isn't she just so sweet???? I didn't hear her complain ONCE!


Monday, November 9, 2009

Best Friends...

Sisters are the BEST!

Ps..Head over to the Munck Family Blog...
They are having a Giveaway!

Sunday, November 8, 2009


Jenna did this tag on her blog and I thought it was a fun way to get to know eachother a bit more:)

1.  Do you like to write? Nope ( if u havn't been able to tell how much I write on my blog:)

2. Favorite books? The Bible, Before you Meet Prince Charming, So Much More, The Heavenly Man,

3.  Do you compose music/write songs? No

4.  Do you like poetry? No

5.  Love someone so much who made you cry? My Heavenly Father, and my little nepew Andy:)

6.  Broken a bone? Nope ( thankfully!)

7.  Been in a police car? Never

8.  Been on a boat? Yep..if you call tubes a boat.....LOTS OF FUN!

9.  Fallen asleep in school? is much to noise in our house to fall asleep :)

10.  Did you sing today? Oh Ya...There is always music playing around here.

11.  KFC, Popeyes, or Church's? ?????

12.  Chick-fil-a or What-a-burger? Chick-fil-a ( Thanks to the Munck Family.) and I have no idea what What-a-burger is.

13.  Starbucks of McCafe? Coffee is what I call DISGUSTING.

14.  What's your favorite time of year? Harvest...I love the smell of Harvest Hmmmm.

15.  Do you ever talk to yourself? Yep! sure do.

16.  Do you have a favorite treat you like to buy on occasion? Not really.

17.  Do you believe the Bible is the literal Word of God and is infallible? ABSOLUTELY! TOTALLY!

18. What's your favorite sport? Football, Hockey, Soccer, And I like to watch Baseball.... not so much to play it.

19.  What color is your ipod? Don't have one! so it is kinda hard to tell you the color :)

20.   If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go? To Mexico with my family to do missions. or to Tennessee to visit the Muncks...or to Georgia to check out where they made Fireproof and go to Sherwood church :) (I think that would be so fun don't you?)....

21.  If you could go to any fictional place, where would you go? ??? No fiction for me.

22.  Do you love to write or do you just like writing? Or do you write at all? I don't really write.

23.  What do you want to be when you’re a grown up? A helpmeet to my husband ( Lord willing) and a Mom to lots of kids (Lord willing)...and then whatever my husband is (Lord willing). That is what I want to do:)

24.  Favorite animal? Horse (that is my favorite but I like almost all:)

25.  Favorite song? That is a hard one but....I really like Sing, Sing, Sing by: Chris Tomlin. or anything by him. and lots of others:)

26.  Do you like school? No

27.  Are you a people person? Yep! I like People:)

28.  Do you like to talk? I like to talk but I'm not the one you will find talking your head off:)

29.  Favorite food? I have to many favs!

30.  Hobbies? Photography (did I really need to say that?)

31. 'Favorite author? John Bevere, Sarah Mally, just to name a few.

32.  Favorite weapon? The Bible

33.  Is this a fun tag or are you getting bored? It's fUn!

34.  Do you like Hannah Montana and all those girly people and movies like Highschool Musical? YUCK...never seen it and never want to....YUCK! YUCK! YUCK!

35.  What are you scared of? Well...I'm Fearless:) JUST KIDDING!!! Um...not sure.

36.  Favorite flower? Don't have one...Cause all are pretty!

37.  What is the expression on your face? I'm smiling:) :) :)

38.  Color of your eyes? Brown

If I didn't bore you before you got to this part....Thanks for reading:)
If you want to do this tag go for it! (and let me know)

Saturday, November 7, 2009

More Pictures

Mom and Dad went back to Josh and Becca today...So I begged asked Mom to send me some more pics of my adorable little nephew....hope you enjoy them as much as I did:)

Mom said that  'He was quite upset ( he has the quietest little cry) and then Rebecca put her hand on his head and held his little hands and this is how he was. Settled right down!' Now an't that SWEET?

Love you lots LITTLE guy

Thursday, November 5, 2009

I'm An Auntie

Yes folks I'm a Auntie to this sweet little Boy...

Andrew Joshua Pauls.
He is going to be a spoiled little guy with all these Aunts and Uncles!

We all love you Andy!
For more details about him you can check out my family's blog HERE