Thursday, April 1, 2010

Just Let Me Tell You 1 Thing...

He is just SOOO CUTE!

I have wanted to get a picture of Andy smiling for you all to see when he came over I was holding him and he was smiling away at I thought that I would quick grab the camera and take a picture of him smiling. Well as soon as I got the camera he didn't really want to smile anymore :(

BUT I begged and pleaded with him to just give me one smile and..... HE DID!!
BUT just one problem...I cut half his face off :( I was so SAD.

And so was he....

But you can't stay sad very long with this cutie.
Just look at that face..
SEE I told you he is SOOO cute!!


Anonymous said...

Your right,
he's just the sweetest little guy ever!

His face is adorable on the last picture :)

Love ya lots!


Anonymous said...

He is toooo cute and his smiles are adorable.
love you Rita