Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Christmas In August

Yup! That is what we did last Saturday! My Uncle and Auntie are going to Vietnam and they'll be there for Christmas, so they had the brilliant idea of having it now! :) Our family wasn't going to be there cause we were hoping to be combining our last field BUT it RAINED :(
So we headed out to Grandma and Grampa's and had CHRISTMAS IN AUGUST!

Eating the turkey meal...

How many times to you get fresh corn at Christmas time?

Yummy lemon pie

Josiah eating his cookie

This was our supper...Well someone's supper. We didn't all eat just that :)



Sweet daddy :)

During the afternoon we played lots of games....

My sweet little nephew taking it all in

Rummoli (all the pennies go back in the penny jar when we're done!)


My sweet Great Grandmother

And to wrap up the day we had our traditional chocolate fondue

Everybody dig in!

So there you have it... Christmas In August!


Katherine said...


I love them all, and mmm that corn looks DEEE-LISH!

You have a wonderful blog here :)

Hope you have a happy day..

K xx


Shelby said...

wow, looks like ya'll had a blast.
oh man, dutch blitz, it can get crazy around here when we play that.

Anonymous said...

the one with your great grandma holding the faith mug touches my soul!! Beautiful work!! I love all of your photos, but that one is extra amazing!

~ Kristi ~