Thursday, August 26, 2010

I Am On The Other Side Of The Camera!..AHHHHHH

Scary isn't it?? :)
Well as I have said before Caleb is my little photography buddy, so yesterday I GAVE HIM THE CAMERA! It was scary!!! :) Just kidding it wasn't all that bad...promise!
So anyway Caleb did a photo shoot of me...and I taugth him a few things. It was kinda fun! :)

So today it is not MEGoo Photography, it is Caleb Photography.....Enjoy!

So he did a pretty good job eh? I sure thought so!!!

Till next time.....


Sereina said...

He got some great shots! Your a gorgeous gal, Megan!

2 Moms of a Feather...Stick Together said...

I think you will need to hide your camera...ha,ha
At least you will have someone to take your picture.
He did a very good job!
Mommy 2

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Anonymous said...

Wow, Caleb, you did an amazing job! I love the one with the pitchfork. Megan, your so beautiful. *
Love Jordie

Anonymous said...

Meg can you tell Caleb he did a GREAt job?!
The pictures look great and you are beautiful Meg!!
It's great to see some pictures of you Meg I miss you!

Love ya lots!!


3 Sisters Soaking Up The Son said...

Wow Meg-a-roo you are on the otherside:) I love them You are BEAUTIFUL!!! Now when You come we HAVE to do a photo shoot:)

LVoe you lots

Shelby said...

cool, favorites are the ones against the wood.

Anonymous said...

Great job Meg and Caleb.

Very beautiful :)

Love you miss you lot's.

Love Rita

~E~R~I~N~ said...

Wow those ARE good!
Great job Caleb!

Rebecca Pauls said...

Hey Meggie, it was about time that you were on that side of the camera. You are beautiful, and Caleb you did a really good job!!
Love you!

Kaitlin said...

Hey, that's purdy impressive, Caleb! Especially love the close-up shot with Megan's chin in her hand.

You're a pretty young woman, Megan! Not to mention, evidently, an excellent photography instructor. ;)

Karen said...

Nice shoot.