Monday, August 23, 2010


I love sunsets

The beauty of them is just amazing!!

I could never get tired of watching them

As I sit and watch them I just can't stop thanking God for such an amazing site

They make me so happy...

I just get so excited...

Cause look...

Isn't it just truly amazing?

Oh give thanks to the LORD, for He is good;....


Shelby said...

wow, those are great especially the silhouettes and the second to last one. you're a great photographer Meg. you can always catch the perfect moment

Anonymous said...

Very beautiful Meg!!
I really like them,even the one of you so happy :)
Love you lots girl!
we really need to get together soon,I miss you so much!


Rebecca Pauls said...

Great job Girl!!!!
Yes it really is amazing!! Just to think that God, who paints those beautiful sunsets cares for each one of us, we truly do serve a wonderful God!!!
And by the way, you do a great job of catching his beauty!!
Love Becca and Josh and Andrew

Anonymous said...

That is so beautiful! Love the picture of you.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures! Beautiful photography!

Anonymous said...


Great job Meg.

love you girl miss you lot's.

Love Rita

Anonymous said...

Hey, Meghan.
I was just going to work on our blog, and I got on it, and I saw a huge surprise. Our title looks amazing! Did you do it? Thankyou so much, it was a big surprise!
Love you!!!!

Megan said...


I am so glad you liked it!! I sent you an email but I guess you didn't get it?
Yes I did make it....If you would like anything changed just let me know K?

Your welcome :)

Love you to!!

Anonymous said...

Hey!!! Thankyou again!
Sorry we didn't get your email, our email isn't working right now. We're so glad that you know how to do blogging really good! Love you!

Kaitlin said...

Something about the colours, or the coins of light, in the second photo I really like.

Your crazy-excited smile reminds me of Chloe's. Haha. Hilarious.

Karen said...

Like the 3rd last picture of the sun.