Friday, September 3, 2010

Jeremiah 1:5


Shelby said...

um wow. that's super cool. love the soft feel of it

Karen said...

Very nice. I like the softness on the edges.

Karen said...


Anonymous said...

How the hands naturally cradle the baby's feet in a heart shape is beautiful and stirs the emotions! You are blessed with a wonderful talent for taking amazing photos, Megan!


Yvonne said...

This is beautiful! (I got a little teary eyed)
I agree with Kristi!


Anonymous said...

That's so beautiful Meg!
I like the idea.
Those are Jen's hands right? :)

Love ya girl!


MEGoo Photography said...

Thank-you to all of you for your sweet kind words :)

Rae~ Yep it is jen's hand :)

Anonymous said...

So beautiful and soft, amazing idea.