Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Mens Olimpic Hockey Game, Friends and Curling

Sunday (28th) was full of excitment!
After church and lunch we all sat down to watch the Men's Olympic gold medal hockey game. We don't have satellite or cable, but were able to get the game on the internet and run it through our projector... It was kind of funny because our internet connection isn't very fast and would stall so we would miss minutes of the game. In overtime we were waiting for the game to start up again and Dad was talking to Rebecca on the phone. Because we were a few minutes behind in the game we "heard" from Rebecca, before we actually "saw" the last goal! I am sure you all know who won but.... if you don't.....CANADA WON!!!! It was an exciting game!

And as soon as the game was over we all jumped into the van and headed off to our good friends the Penners to suprise Mr. Penner for his birthday..After a VERY yummy supper we surprised Mr. Penner again and went curling :) It was ALOT alot of fun!

Here are a few pictures from then.....

Kerri waiting for the rock to come :)

Raechelle ready to throw!

My dear Daddy...(He started curling when he was a kid and played in many many bonspiels. He stopped curling when he realized it was taking away too much time from his family :) So he is like REALLY good at curling and was teaching us all the moves!

Reachelle taking pictures (if you want to see some that she took you can go HERE)

My Dear Sis-in-law ...

I think... she missed :)

Josh (my dear brother :)

The Dads sweeping hard!

Ryan throwing...

Sorry there are not very many pictures but....I had to go curl :)
But I hope that you enjoyed the few.


Erin said...

My dad always wants to see the Olympic curling but I never have and we don't have cable either. This year we didn't even really watch the games.
It would be one of the first in all 14 years I've been on this earth that I haven't seen a game.

3 Sisters Soaking Up The Son said...

YAY for Canada:) I am glad you were able to get it, ours was also slow. Curling oh man I missed it:( I am glad you all had a great time. I miss you and CAN'T wait till APRIL! Maybe we can get on msn tonight. LOVE YOU SO MUCH MORE:D


Anonymous said...

Hey I really like the pictures Meg!
Thanks for posting them,(they turned out alot better then mine did :) )

I agree that the Mens Olympic hockey game was AWESOME!! (even though I only watched the last min.and 17 sec. of it:) )I'm still so glad that Canada won!!

Love ya Girl!


Living In His Blessings said...

It was alot of fun and lots of memories.

love you girl

love Rita