Saturday, March 13, 2010

:: Baby Calves ::

Well here are some pictures of some of our newest additions to the farm :) We now have 8 calves They are so much fun to watch...So playful and full of life :) But anyway time for pictures right? :)

I LoVe this ones big ears...Don't you?


Mother and Daughter

This calf has HUGE eyes :) so cute!

Hope you have are having a GrEat evening! :)


3 Sisters Soaking Up The Son said...

Love them! Sad I could not be there to help out with them:( But only one more month! yay


btw we will update soon:)

Anonymous said...

Very cute pictures Meg!

No doubt the little guy has big ears,but he's sure a cutie.

Hope you have a GrEat evening too!

Love ya lots!

Rebecca Pauls said...

very cute pictures Megan!
What else can I say? (;
Luv Becca

Shelby said...

They're all precious! =)