Sunday, February 28, 2010

One year ago.....

One whole year ago today was Josh and Rebecca wedding, so many memories were made...It was a very special day.

Josh and Rebecca gave ME the opportunity to be the photographer at their wedding (along with my auntie Karen) I am so THANKFUL for that :) SO...I decided to post just a few of my favorites....

The day started bright and early at 5:30 in the morning!

A good friend of ours whom we call 'auntie' Sarah was our hair dresser..and let me tell ya, she did an AMAZING job!!

*Jennifer my big sis getting her hair done:)*

*Auntie Sarah( left) and Rachelle (right)*

:: Lots of HUGS where given :) ::
*Raechelle giving her big sis a hug :)*

*Jennifer giving her soon to be sis-in-law a hug*

*Rebecca...HAPPY HAPPY!*

:: Rita and Kerri were the candle lighters...Very good candle lighters I might add :) ::

*Kerri left and Rita right*

:: Jennifer and Reachelle were the bridesmaids. They both cried through the WHOLE ceremony! It was very sweet :) ::



A few weeks before Josh & Rebecca's wedding Reuben (Beca's brother) got in an accident which landed him into two casts :( but he still was the ring barrier and did a great job!
*Ruth left Reuben right and Caleb pushing Reuben*


*Rita In tears :)*

*Rebecca and her Daddy*

*During the ceromony*

:: More Hugs ::

*Mom and Dad hugging the new bride and groom :)*

*THe HAPPY HAPPY new couple*

*Mom and Josh :)*

:: I love this picture...Ryan (the Bestman) Josh... and Caleb trying to fit in :) ::

*Ryan Left Caleb, and Josh*

:: This particular picture was taken in the bathroom! :) SO many memories ::
*Rita & Kerri*

::One of the themes in their wedding was FOOTBALL! ::
*Rebeccas uncle the MC*

*Some of the dec's*

:: Time to EAT! ::

:: Let me tell ya, their cake was DELICIOUS!! ::

:: Some sweet LOVE ::

:: The girls are supposed to be mad.....But you know :) ::

Happy 1st anniversary Josh and Becca!
I love you both A LOT a lot!


•Karis Brown• said...

Happy anniversary to them!! They are so sweet together! Oh, and you did a great job being the photographer!!


Living In His Blessings said...

Great pics Megan.It was alot of fun and alot of memories that we made I had a great time with all of you lots Rita

3 Sisters Soaking Up The Son said...

Wow you did a great job Meg-a-roo:) God has blessed you with such a great gift.
(Taking Pictures) I love you si much I love the pictures and love the one you did that says "Pure Love" I can't wait to see you.

Miss you,

Rebecca Pauls said...

Hey Meggy, I didn't get the chance to see the anniversary post that you did until this morning (someone thought that 6 am was wake up time) :) so it gave me a chance to get caught up. Anyway you did a WONDERFUL job at our wedding and I am so blessed to have you as a sister-in-law. God has given you an amazing talent and you are doing a super job of using it!
Andrew is looking forward to his turn today! (;
Love Ya!