Monday, March 22, 2010

Kerri {2010}

A few days ago I decided that Kerri was due for another photo shoot OK ok...So maybe I was JUST DYING to do another photo shoot and I told her that she didn't have a opinion in this... One of those two :) Just don't ask Kerri OK? :)

It was just a little windy.....

But we had alot of fun!...RIGHT KERRI???

AHHHH!!! Here comes Josh!

Isn't she SO beautiful?


My sis Jen cut her hair....Didn't she just do an AMAZING job??

Yep we did have ALOT of fun!!!
During this photo shoot  Kerri found something out...whenever I say ooo ooo she is supposed to stop in her tracks and NOT move cause I love the position she is in :) So if I ever take pictures of 'you' and say oooo oooo you will know what I mean :) for more pictures right?

Trying to figure out HOW IN THE WORLD to pose with a pitch fork...

Ahh...There we go :)
OK,OK so I told her to do that!... SO I even demonstrated how to do it.


I think this is my FAV.....

I love you Ker! Thanks for putting up with me :)

AND A NOTE TO ALL OF MY FOLLOWERS: I have been having trouble with my updates not showing up on the dashbord...If you are having that trouble, just stop following me and then start follow me again, the updates should start showing up. ( I hope that made sense :)


Anonymous said...

Hey girls the pics look AWESOME!!

You both did a GREAT job!
Meg you have such great ideas,I love them!

And Ker even though I can't see your hair cut all the way I still think it look's great!!!
And your right Jen did an awesome job (doesn't she alway's)

I love you girls so,so MUCH!!!

By the way Kerri you are VERY beautiful!

Love ya


Anonymous said...

Reall really good.

Keri you look great with your new hair cut.Jen you did a great job.

Love Rita

Anonymous said...

More like thanks for putting up with me Meg!!!!!!!

Thankyou soooooo much for taking my pics!
God has blessed me with two GREAT sisters, with such WONDERFUL talents!

I love you girls!

Love Your lil sis Ker

Shelby said...

They are all great. When you have a wonderful photographer and subject, the pictures are superb. =)

Thanks for the heads up. . I have some catchin up to do. =)

Anonymous said...

I love both you girls! Kerri you look so nice in all your pictures. I can't wait only 24 More days! YAY By the way Meg-a-roo I am amazed at how well ALL your Pictures look.