Tuesday, March 9, 2010

4 months old....Already!?!?!!!!!! :)

Andy turned 4 months on Thursday! It is so hard to belive he is 4 MONTHS!!! how could it be???? :0 He is growing so FAST! Here are the pictures from his 4 month photoshoot....Enjoy :)

And if you want to see some more pictures Rebecca posted some more HERE


Anonymous said...

Awww Meg you did a GREAT job!!

The pictures are adorable,and you have such cute ideas!

I really like the one where Becca is holding AJ with the football and the one where she is kissing him,his look is way to cute :)

Keep it up Girl your doing great!!

Love you TONS Meg!


Mrs. Pauls said...

LOVE the photos! We're hoping to be in Manitoba for Easter. Any chance you want to take more baby pictures? I have no idea what our schedule will look like, but we are hoping to be at the family gathering at the church.

Something to think about.

We could wait until summer for when the grass is green.