Saturday, October 1, 2011

It's Fall!!

And soon it will be winter....ok maybe I am getting a little ahead of myself. 
But it's OCTOBER...How did that happen???
Is it just me or did summer go by WAY WAY to fast? I am a summer girl so I am having a hard time excepting that summer is over. But, it will come again.....I guess. 
I love fall too...but I just don't like the fact that after fall, comes winter! 

We don't have a whole lot of pretty trees on our yard. 
But I found what I could and took pictures of them :)

So You enjoying fall? Are you happy winter is coming?


Sharon said...

We are still enjoying summer here... in the high 90's this week, but we do love seeing your fall-ish pictures. Seeing the autumn colors is a beautiful reminder of the amazing Hand of our Creator God.

Anonymous said...

Great Pictures Megan!!! You out of all People should like Fall, and October more because someone special has a Birhtday the 2nd of this month :) Oh, wait that's tomorrow......YAY!!! Happy early Birhtday Megan:) LOVE YOU <3