Sunday, October 30, 2011

The Froese Family

I am SUPER excited to share these photo's with you. 
Meet the Froese family....

Ok, Seriously are they not such a sweet looking family?
I had such a great time shooting them!  (hehehe... that sounds bad :)


I know I know...Super CUTE family :)






A bunch of our cat's decided they wanted to join the family :)
(Opps. Pastor Tony I forgot I was not suppose to post this picture.... :) )



Noah and Natalie are like SUPER adorable don't you agree?? :)




Pastor Tony and Joanna are one of the cutest couples I know!
Their love for each other is so evident, I definitely look up to them for what a godly marriage should look like!








Thanks so much for such a great time you guys! :)


Rachel said...

Really great, Megan!!

Joanna said...

Thanks so much for doing our pics Megan! You did a great job and we had so much fun!!!

Elyssa said...

THese are really really awesome! Did you use your flash? The lighting is great in these!

MEGoo Photography said...

Thanks! :)

Elyssa, No I didn't use any flash. It's all natural lighting :)

KayleeBeth said...

Ok . . . so i was going to try and pick a few favorite and tell you want they were but . . . I COULD NOT!!!!!
They are ah-mazing ;)

Anonymous said...

I love the Kitty Shots:) Very cute I'lm glad to put the face's with names:) (from your letters)

Love you,

3 Sisters Soaking Up The Son said...

Great job Megan!
I totally agree Noah and Natalie are precious!

Much love, Bekah

Chelsea said...

Those are all such amazing photos!! :)
GREAT job!!


Rebekah said...

LOVE them all- they are so cute!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful fall pictures, they make me feel like running through leaves down a long gravel road in my rubber boots.

Chasity Simmons said...

They are indeed a sweet looking family. Great jobio Meg!