Tuesday, October 25, 2011

I'm Back!

Did you miss me? :)
Our internet has not been working well so I just took a little blogging break. 
But I am glad to be back! :)

A few evenings ago I had the pleasure (oo, la la :) of taking some more Maternity pictures for my sweet, sweet sis-in-law. 
Oh how I love having a pregnant sis-in-law who lives a hop, skip and a jump away! (ahem, even when she is not pregnant I enjoy having her around....but you know what I mean right?? :) 
We only had a few mins to take pictures cause we went out just before the sun went down. 
But it twas fun anyways :).......

Isn't she just adorable? 

I am pretty EXCITED to meet my new little Nephew/Niece in a few weeks Lord willing! 











I think Andy is pretty excited to meet his Brother/Sister soon too!


I love you Becca! :)


Shelby said...

Wow! I think this is your best set of picture yet, Megan!
8 and 11 are my favorites!

2 Moms of a Feather...Stick Together said...

She looks beautiful...I really like her hair style. 8~)
Mommy 2 aka Nancy

Sharon said...

Such sweet pictures Megan. I love #8

KayleeBeth said...

I MISSED YOU!!! And I like 14 the most :)

~ McKenzie Elizabeth~ said...

Awww... So sweet Megan! I love these:)


Chasity Simmons said...

I did miss you actually. I usually don't have much time on blogger and will just write a quick post and won't have much time to read other people's blogs and to comment. :( So yeah, that's why I missed you . . . because I haven't had the time to visit your ah-dorable little blog!

MEGoo Photography said...

You gals are all so sweet! Thanks!!! :)

Rachel said...

She is the cutest pregnant lady I have seen and I absolutely love the color in these pictures! Great job :)

Josh and Rebecca Pauls said...

I love you too Megan, you have no idea now nice it is to have a super great photographer on our yard, you did a wonderful job again!

Anonymous said...

Looks great Megan!!!! I like the las picture BEST:) I can't wait to see what the baby is!!!