Thursday, December 2, 2010

Trip Part 3

Well This is the last post I am doing from our trip. 
The last Sunday we were there, Aunt Laura's folks invited us to their place for a bonfire. We all had the most wonderful time :) They lived up in the mountains so it was a lot of fun! 

Following our favourite red van on the way up.

The house they built themselves.

They made this when they found out we were coming for a visit!!
One of the nicest fire pits we have had a campfire around!

They were brave enough to feed all of us. Salads, chips, barbecue, hot dogs and smores......yummy!!!

Of course there's always stories to be told around a campfire!
 I'm sure this one was something about BEARS :)

Cheif Caleb

Roasted to perfection.

Sweet Ruth Ella

Can't beat that smile!

Well maybe it's a tie :)
How many Munck/Pauls kids can you fit on a blanket?


Smiles for Mommy

Can't get too many pictures of her!!!

Kerri and Josiah

Then after supper we went for a walk to wear off all that yummy food and some boyish energy.

The scenery was breathtaking. The weather couldn't have been more perfect.
The Pauls' were especially appreciative of the was almost as quiet as the farm.

Up Up Up

Beautiful fall colours

Pa Paw Bob enjoying his grandchildren

Once we got up to the top, this is the view we saw!
It was even more amazing in real life! :)

Thank you to both of you for being so hospitable and for the enjoyable time!

So that is the end of our trip. We had the most wonderful time and so many memories were made.
If you want to see more pictures from our trip the Munck Girls have posted some HERE

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