Thursday, December 16, 2010

Christmas Tag

My Dear sis Jen Tagged me so here we go....

1. What is your most favorite thing about Christmas time? Spending time with family just having fun!

2. Do you enjoy decorating for Christmas? Just as long as I don't have to do it by myself :)

3. What food do you enjoy eating most in the Christmas season? Perogies...YUMMY! :)

4. What traditions do you have on and around Christmas Day? ( I just put the same thing as Jen :)..
- We usually spend Christmas with my mom's side of the family (whoever is around that is. This year it will just be my grandparents, my uncle and our family), and we will spend a night or two together (sometimes we do it at our house, sometimes we will go other places, this year it will be at our place).
- Christmas Eve we always have chocolate fondue with fruit and (ever since it has come out) we watch "The Nativity Story".
- Ever since we have had our rink, we have played hockey on Christmas Day.

5. Do you usually have lots of family gatherings? Oh, Ya..A whole 2 gatherings!!!! :)

6. Who do you usually spend Christmas day with? My mom's side of the family (once again... whoever is around) and my fam.

7. What is your favorite Christmas song? I can't say that I have a fav! But right now I am really liking Mary Did You Know sung by Mark Lowry :)

8. What is your favorite Christmas recipe? Sorry...don't have one :(

9. What is your favorite Christmas memory? One year we went to a cabin with mom's side of the family. We played this candle game...And that is all I am going to say just in case your family wants to play it on you some day! :)

10. When you think of Christmas, what do you think of? The birth of our Christ and fun family times.

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fun tag! thanks for the tagging me