Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Andrew 1 year!

This photo shoot was a little late since his birthday was on Nov. 4th.But late is better then never right? :)
I had a lot of fun with Andy this time. Like I sang him a song about his bed (in opera..well the best opera that I can do :), Made weird noises so he would smile, tickled him, and just had fun... Just be glad you were not there :) I think by the end of the photo shoot he was probably thinking what a crazy auntie he has :) Andy is growing up so fast! I wish he would just stay little...But I know that doesn't work :)
But anyway on to the pictures.....


Anonymous said...

so cute Meg you did a GREAT job!!
love ya Bekah

Elyssa said...

Aw!! Sooo cute! The lighting is so good :)

~ McKenzie Elizabeth~ said...

How sweet...Love them!

Great job!

Jaymi said...

these pictures are great, you did an amazing job!

Anonymous said...

Hey Megan!

Aww I loved all these pictures of Andy! My favorite is Andy with the book in his lap.

He is so sweet its been to long since I have seen him he looks like a big boy now!

Love you lots!


Anonymous said...

Aww. Meg you did a great job again!!
He's just to cute!

Can't wait to see you to night!

Love ya girl!