Saturday, October 2, 2010


Hey everybody out there!
Since I doubt Megan is going to write herself a birthday post I (Kerri) decided to face my fears and write my first post :)

Of course all of you know Megan just for being an amazing photographer and a VERY beautiful girl....but....I am here to tell you about the wonderful young lady she has turned out to be, and some things you need to know if you ever come and visit her.

Fist of all I will tell you NEVER let Megan pour lemonade when she is hyper!!!!! because then WHOLE JUG will end up on the floor! and then if she is still hyper after cleaning it up, it would be smart to carry her glass to her seat for her, because if you don't do that she will probably spill her lemonade on her way.
If after she is still spilling.....then you'd better just send her to bed!!!

One thing you need to know is if she is taking pictures of you and she says her little ooh! you stop dead in your tracks and freeze! (I must say it was pretty hard to freeze when she said it in the middle of a jumping picture!)

When playing defence on Megan in football she has a very different technique of getting open (and it works a little too good) she will do her best to make you laugh in any way possible (have you ever tried running while you are laughing?) whether it's her fancy footwork, her hilarious expressions, it seems to work every time!

Well I hope you all learned a few things about Megan!

Megan You are an AMAZING sister, and I can't imagine living life without you! you definitely make life so much more fun!(not to mention interesting) and I hope you still love me after this post :)

I LOVE YOU and.....


Love Ker

Now I want EVERYBODY (even if you have never commented before) out there to comment and give Megan a big Happy Birthday!


Sereina said...

Happy Birthday, Megan! Have a wonderful day!

Anonymous said...

Can't believe you are 17! I remember when we lived in Killarny and after church our families would go to the Chicken Delight resterant. I am so glad that we know you, you are an amazing example to us of a Godly women! Your respect to your parents and sisters is encouraging. I love your smile and following you on your blog. You have an amazing gift of photography and through your blog I know that you will impact many lives. Happy Birthday
( hey, we're the same age)
Love Jordie

Shelby said...

Happy Birthday Megan! i have enjoyed getting to know you through blogging. we're just a year apart, my sixteenth b-day is in December =) hope you have a wonderfully blessed day!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Meg.

Love you lot's.

Your sis Rita

Mrs. Pauls said...

Wow! that year went fast! I hope you got to take photos for this birthday too.
Happy 17th!


Elyssa said...

Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, haappyy bbiirrtthhddayy too Megan, happy birthday to you!!! Haha I couldn't resist :)

3 Sisters Soaking Up The Son said...

I love you Megan! I hope you had a wonderful 17th birthday!

Your Big Sis, Liz

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Megan!!