Saturday, October 16, 2010

Football Fun

My siblings (Josh, Becca, Jen, Ker, Caleb, Zach, Jesse, Nathan) and I like to play football every chance we get. Don't worry we only play two touch NO TACKLING ALLOWED (though the boys sometimes do break that rule! :) So the other day I decided not to play. I was just going to take pictures (just because I like too :). But then Josh is like "Hey why don't you make a video?" What a great idea! :) So this is what I got....

Click HERE if you want to watch the video...For some reason when I put the video on my blog it is BAD quality. Sorry for the inconvenience.


Anonymous said...

GREAT video Meg!!
Looks like so much fun!
I miss so much playing fotball with all of you,we really need to get together SOON!!
Love you all LOTS!!


Josh and Rebecca Pauls said...

Great job on the movie, although we could have used you on our team, :) Next time right?

Anonymous said...

Great movie.

I enjoyed it alot.

Miss you guys lot's.

Love Rita