Sunday, December 13, 2009


Thanks Jess

Six Names You Go By?
  • Meg
  • Megoo (my dad's nickname for me :)
  • Maggie (right Josh?)
  • The adventurous person who can't spell and creatively starts useless conversations (my auntie and I came up with this one :)
  • Meg a- roo (thanks Fanny :)
  • Kejemeg (you have to say it really fast :)
Three things you are wearing right now?
  • A pink shirt (the only pink shirt that I own :) 
  • Pants  
  • A belt
Three things you want very badly right now?
  • For Andy to come home
  • For Andy to come home
  • And maybe for some warmer weather (-40C with windchill is not so cool :( Well it is cool but it isn't very nice weather :)
Three things you did last night/yesterday?
  • Milked
  • Made the meals for the day
  • Changed some dipers :)
Two things you ate yesterday?
  • Sloppy Joes
  • Waffles
Two people you last talked to on the phone
  • Sombody who didn't want to talk to me :(
  • Ummm...
Two things you are going to do today
  • I'm going right now to do chores.
  • Go to bed (I guess the day is pretty much over :)
Your three favourite beverages
  • Water  
  • Ice tea (like the Canadian kind ;)  
  • Pepsi

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tag Meg-a-roo. I guess you are going to call me Mandy? Thats fine, You will see the tag soon on our blog.

Love you and Miss you
Amanda aka Mandy

Megan said...

Fanny I changed it :)
I guess I just forgot :(...No more Mandy..Just Fanny or Mammy :) I think I got it!

The Mayo Family said...

What is "Canadian Tea"?
We are thinking some of your "Canadian Winds & temps" are blowing down to Wisconsin! Burr... ours were -3 & wind chill-20! Chilly!
Have a great day!
Anna Mayo (17yrs)

The Pauls' Family said...


Canadian Iced Tea is a powder that you mix with water. It is one of our family favorites. It kind of tastes like sweet tea, but much much better in my opinion. If you ever come to Canada you should try some :) I think you would like it!!!

Sounds like you did have some Canadian like weather. We just came out of a week of very cold with lows in the -40's F (wind chill) with one night being -49 F (wind chill). It was quite a way to start off the winter. But yesterday we had a strong south wind and we are expecting the temperatures to be a little more mild :)

Hope I answered your question. Have a great day!


jeremy and/or laura said...

that is a rather long nickname, don't you think? great blog! love the combining video. i think you have a future in editing :)