Tuesday, December 15, 2009


So I FINALLY got these pictures done and posted :)
These kids were really easy to work with ...even though it was windy and cold they made my job easy :)


And these SWEET kids gave me some flowers :) :) Thanks ALOT you guys!


Anonymous said...

They are Great Meg-a-roo, What a blessing to have such good Children to work with. Love the flowers!

aka Fanny

Anonymous said...

Really cute pics Meg.

your really good.

Love you lots.

love rita

Anonymous said...

Megan the pictures are wonderfull. They are the best pictures we have ever had done. Thankyou soo much. Now we just need to work on getting Jason there to get the family picture done :)


The Maestro said...

Those are REALLY good!!!
i like the 4th from the bottom.
She reminds me of my little sister, Sarah who LOVES horses.