Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Music Video

Yesterday Jen, Kerri, and I made this music video...As Kerri put it...'Well I have some great news.....Ahem.......After many many many many many many many many (i think you get the picture) failed attempts to record the song (bad sound,squeaky voices more bad sound and more squeaky voices and even Me FORGETTING the words!!!!).....we finally got it got it recorded, and after a very cold day of freezing....or was that filming?!?!?! we finally got that done, and after Megan crying and getting mad and throwing temper tantrums at the crazy adobe.....WE GOT THE MUSIC VIDEO DONE!!!!!!!woohoo...:)'

Not so sure I agree with the last part :)....But don't get us wrong we had a BLAST doing this video.


Rebecca Pauls said...

TOTALLY AWESOME!!!!! You girls did a wonderful job! God has givin you amazing talents, I got shivers listening to it. Keep on using your gifts for God. I miss you all more than ever!!
PS Andrew will love those vioces:) and the camera too. ;)

Love Beca

Anonymous said...


I really like it!

And even though I was not there(to see you get cold and upset :) I think it was worth it right? :)

Oh and I was really waiting for it already cause Jen said you would be posting it this morning so I've been checking your blog the all day :)

Love you all very much!!

Can't wait to see you.


3 Sisters Soaking Up The Son said...

Love it!

Wow look at the snow! If we were there we would be all bundled up, and if you were here you would be in a t-shirt. Well who cares what you wear as long as we are together, right?

Haha we need to all do a video together when we come. Meg should be in it too! By the way Meg you did a good job! Sorry you had trouble. Poor Adobe!

Love you Girls!

Liz Bo Biz, Fanny, and pork chop!

Anonymous said...

It's great guys you did a great job.

Your voices are beautiful.

Love andmiss you.


Anonymous said...

This is wonderful! You have beautiful voices and awesome video production talent. :) Thanks for putting this together for us to enjoy. Your beautiful rendition of one of my Christmas favorites was such a blessing!