Saturday, December 26, 2009


 thought I would share some pictures of Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.....

We were so happy to have Josh and Rebecca join us for Christmas Eve....

Of course to keep tradition we had a good game of hockey. It was the first skate on our ice this season. It was just as smooth as ever. The snow stopped just long enough to enjoy the ice.

Rebecca got this jersey for Josh for Christmas...Isn't it cool??

With this many people in the family there is always someone to play a game with. We did plenty of that!

And as always way too much yummy food.
The dinner menu was turkey, perogies, creamed corn, cherry jello, stuffing and salad.

And of course there was lots to talk about as it had been awhile since we had all visted with Josh and Rebecca.
It was great to catch up. We sure miss our daily chats.

Another family tradition is dipping fruit in a chocolate fondue on Christmas Eve.
Not always the most graceful thing to eat. Go Dad :)

And here is some of the beauty of the season.

Rebecca gave this picture to Mom for Christmas...Are they not just so sweet??

So even though the weather outside was frightful, the fire was indeed delightful and so was all the great memories we made this Christmas.
I hope that you all had a GREAT Christmas too!


The Maestro said...

What fun!! We had a quite Christmas with just our family but my mom's mom came down the week before to see us.
And do you mind my asking what are perogies??? I've heard of them but never seen or eaten any.

3 Sisters Soaking Up The Son said...

I love them!!!
Wish we were there, looks like y'all had a great day.


Megan said...

Erin~ If you go to this website: That should answer your question...We fill ours with mashed potatos and cheese and fry them.

Amanda~ I wish you were here to! It would have been great :)

Rebecca Pauls said...

Hey Meg, very nice post! Need I say that I so enjoy looking at pictures from home!! We had an amazing time thank you so much for all the food, fun and memories! We miss you all alot and are looking forward to seeing tomorrow!