Wednesday, May 18, 2011

On The Farm...

This morning while the guys (Dad, Josh and Grampa) were getting ready to seed, I went out and snapped a few pictures.

We are very thankful to be getting out on the is still very wet here and if we don't get the seed in soon, it will be to late to plant it.
 It is suppose to rain this weekend, would you mind joining me and praying that it would not rain so that we can continue seeding and so the many around here who have not had a chance to get any seed in, would be able to.  Thanks!
 I know that our God will be with us and we WILL trust and praise Him no matter what happens.

CASE  or John Deere?  :)

My Grampa Pauls 

Umm...Not sure what Caleb is doing! 

My Dad hard at work as always!!!

Grampa and Caleb

Hard working hands


Dad checking how much is left in the truck

And just a bit of sweetness :) 

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Josh and Rebecca Pauls said...

Nice pictures, you did a great of capturing what happens around here.