Thursday, May 5, 2011

It's That Time Again....

It's that time again, the time I love, where my brothers spend most of there day outside playing sports.
Then when they come in for bed they are tired and DIRTY! 
I love it when they come in after playing a sport  and are all excited about the game they just played and tell you all about it! 
Oh, and you gotta love it when they spend 1/2 fighting deciding whether they want to play football, soccer or baseball.
Yes, I do love this time of year! 
Oh, and one more thing I love about this time of year.....I love taking pictures of them playing sports :)
The reason I like taking pictures of them playing sports are the expressions I am able captured are always priceless :)

Nathan relaxing...

I guess Zach thought that Nate looked cool when he did that...

Caught YA!

Pure Joy




 Caleb likes playing down low... :)

Cool Bro's

I saved the best for last...... :)
It's called the baseball dance! :)


Shelby said...

haha! we are getting plenty of that around here! I think my brothers would get along just fine with your brothers. The one of the three of them with their gloves on their heads is my favorite. =) The cat between his legs adds another dimension to it. =)

3 Sisters Soaking Up The Son said...


I just finished a post for tomorrow about my brothers playing baseball:) That is too funny, I love you so much girl I have thought about you alot today <3 Miss you so Much


Josh and Rebecca Pauls said...

Great pictures Meggy!! I like all the green grass, and the biys too. :)