Monday, May 23, 2011

Happy Monday { Something You Love }

I am linking up with Allie's Happy Monday Photo Challenge.
The Theme is something you love.
So I am entering this picture...

A Humming bird....I love humming birds, 
but most of all I love the creator who created these beautiful tiny birds.
Thank you Lord for such Beauty! 


Allie said...

Love that! Thanks for linking up! :)

Mary Catherine said...

That is so cute! They are my favorite type of bird.
--Love MCat

Jessica said...

Wow! That's a spectacular shot!

Jaymi said...

great shot!

Laurie said...

Totally gorgeous!!! I love hummingbirds too. They're such dainty little things...God must have had fun creating them. :) Beautiful!

Tiffany said...

So these little guys, can't wait until they come and visit this summer!


Katherine said...

Oh my gosh - awesome shot! I love it :)

K xx @