Saturday, April 2, 2011

{ Zachary } April 2011

I only have a few pictures to show you because about ten minutes after I started taking pictures I had to stop a cow was having trouble calving.
That is how life is when you live on a farm i guess...You just never know what is going to happen! :)







Josh and Rebecca Pauls said...

Really great pictures both of you. I really like the last one.

Richard said...

I especially like the second from the bottom, although ALL of them are nice! I think I like the bottom one better because on the upper ones, one can glimpse his feelings and attitude only through his face; but in the second from bottom, you can glimpse his feelings and attitude from his face AND from his body language.

Just two quick questions, if I may! (1) Is the second photo from the bottom flopped (reversed left to right) OR is the boy left handed? I notice that his watch is on his right wrist, which usually indicates a left-sided person--unless the watch IS on his LEFT wrist but the photo is FLOPPED! :-) Just curious since I noticed on which wrist the watch is located--or APPEARS to be located! :-D

(2) Did the cow and calf both come through all right? :-o

Thanks for letting Jesus' light shine through you!

MEGoo Photography said...


Thank-you for your comment :)

(1)No, the picture is not flopped. He is right handed and wears his watch on his right hand :)

(2) Thanks for asking, sadly the calf was stillborn :( But the cow is doing fine still.

Thanks again for your comment,