Friday, April 29, 2011

Old School House

This afternoon while Mom, Brooke, Mikaya and I went to take garbage away we took a detour to see an old school house near by.
I have been in this school a couple of times but never taken pictures.
So today I took pictures! :)

Outside the school

A bell :)

A Comet Note Book 

Oh, look...It's Queen Victoria!! :)

School time!

Hard at work :)

An Organ 


Another book

Aww...What sweet sisters I have :)

A cool old trunk

Brooke trying her hand at the organ 

A lunch box


Brooke is ringing the bell for all the kids to come in for school :)



Shelby said...

the pic of the two of the girls is my favorite! they are so cute

Stephanie said...

Love the pics! Would you be able to email me the directions to this school, cause I would love to go visit it! My email address is: