Monday, November 29, 2010

Trip Part 2

So here is the second post from our trip. These pictures are of Coolidge Park, The Aquarium, At the Muncks Place and The Gaither Concert we went to.....

One big happy Family :)

All us kids

Fall Colors

The Delta Queen

Waiting to get on the carousel

Walking to the Aquarium

The Delta Queen again :)

More Fall Colors

Sweet Ruth Ella just enjoying life :)

Fish at the Aquarium

Isn't he cute??

A sweet parrot

I guess Zach is scared of butterflies :)

Lizzy taking pictures

Walking Back to the van

Pizza anyone?

William eating :)

Us oldest girls went to a Christan book store one night

If you know Kerri you know that she LOVES the Gaithers...
Don't worry she narrowed it down to just 3 of there DVD's :)

Pretty girls! These two are the exact same age...born on the same day!!
Though Bekah is proud to say that she is 4 hours older the Kerri...Right Bekah? :)

We went to an old barn for supper one night...

I loved this old lamp ;)

My Dearest Friend and I

A bonfire

The Gaither Concert!!

The Martens

The Issacs

The Gaither Vocal Band

Well I have one more post after this from our trip....
So till then......


Rach said...

Your pictures are really great ! I love the shirts you all wore!

Anonymous said...

OH Meg-a-roo If only we could do it all over again! It was so much fun you did a great job on the fish pictures I like the kissing fish the best.

Love, Mand-a-roo

Josh and Rebecca Pauls said...

Once again really great pictures Meggy!! I like how you said one big happy family, when Jaden sure is not looking very happy. :) And the picture of Becka and Ker is really sweet!

The Munck Family said...

Oh how I miss ya'll!!!! Wonderful post and pictures!
Love to you, Laura