Sunday, November 14, 2010

How To Take Better Pictures

* Before you watch the video below you HAVE to read this*

Alright, so I did this video the other day, I had no intention of blogging every intention on blogging it when I made it. In fact that is why I made it! But I just wanted to make sure you understand a few things before you watch this video. First of all I am playing the roll of Peggy Sears (a person I made up). So this person you see in the video is me, but not at all what I am (did that make sense). I brushed my hair (just in case you were wondering how I got that hair style). I am wearing my dad's glasses (just making sure we are on the right page here). Now after you watch this video I want you to remember that this is not who I am, ok? You have to remember that I am a quiet person and I don't talk alot. Ok, so now that we are on the same page you can go ahead and watch the video, cause I am sure that you all want to learn from Peggy Sears how to take better pictures right? So yes go ahead at watch the video.

So umm...What did you think? or maybe you shouldn't answer that :)


Josh and Rebecca Pauls said...

I LOVED it!!!! I should say we loved it. Josh and I laughed and laughed and laughed!!
We miss you sooo much girly!!!
YOu know Andrew still needs to get his 1 year pistures taken. :)
Love you!!

Anonymous said...

That was too funny!!! Thanks for sharing your tips of taking better pictures!! Hope Peggy can share more helpful tips!!!

Anonymous said...

That's great Meggy.

I miss you guys sooo much already and can't wait till you get ack.

Love your sis Rits

Mrs. Pauls said...

So Funny! Evangeline enjoyed it too.

I love the part where you had no memory card...

...and the part where you say we can get help to press the button.

kmwiebe said...

Haha. You've got some mad acting skills there, Megan.

Hey, was this character slightly inspired by Jostie Flicks' Martha Mahinsky by any chance? (This is the video I was thinking of.)