Friday, November 26, 2010

Back Home....

Yep, we are back home safe and sound. We had an AMAZINGLY FUN TIME! Words can not describe what a wonderful time we had with our dear friends the Muncks...It was GREAT! :) We actually got back on 24th but have been to busy unpacking and stuff to blog sooner! So as I said before I was going to share pictures of our trip. I wan't sure how I was going to do it cause I didn't want to be blogging about our trip forever but I wanted to post a bunch of pictures. So I decided to just go through all the pictures from our whole trip and just pick my very favourites. So I will do maybe 2 or 3 post of random pictures from our trip! My sis Jen has been posting about our trip so if you want more pictures and WORDS:) from our trip then go to her blog.
So anyways lets get to the pictures.

These pictures are from on the way, Pigeon Forge, and Gatlinburg....

Jaden enjoying life :)


In the rearview mirror

The Mayo's were kind enough to let us stop at their place for one night.
Kerri, Jen and Jessica Mayo and Annamarie Mayo


A barn...Somewhere :)


At a hotel...Just having fun :)

Lexington, KY

Upside down house at Pigeon Forge

Where we stayed for 3 days with the Muncks before we headed to their home.

Ruth Ella and Joey


We were there for the grand opening of their mini golf...

Zach and Dad were the first to play on it! :)

Eating the yummy cake

Madison and Wesley

Kerri and Rebekah 

Playing pool

Playing Pool

Playing pool

Playing pool (I think the game pool is very photogenic :)

My dear friend, Amanda 

Playing Ping Pong


We all ate at Cracker Barrel (something we do not have in Canada)

In Gatlinburg we walked around....

Lots of stuff


A water fountain 

Need I put a caption??? :)

We fit 12 kids in there!

And packing up and heading to the Muncks

Oh, wait first we went for a drive through the Great Smoky Mountains National Park and to Cades Cove

Jaden enjoying Tennessee weather

A Church


A tree :)

So there you have part of our trip. Hopefully it made sense :) More to come....


Elyssa said...

Great PIcs! Love the last one!!!

Shelby said...

I think you put the cutest picture on top. =)
I had to laugh when I saw all your family decked out in Volunteers stuff.
The picture of Kerri and Rebekah is wonderful and I agree, the game of pool makes very good pictures, which yours are.
And I just figured out what was on ya'lls shirts, great idear!
so glad ya'll had a great trip with no monkey wrenches thrown in. =) lol!

Rach said...

You fit your trip very nicely into a blog page ! Were you on a break from school when you went on this trip ? How are you catching up?


Megan said...

Thanks Elyssa..I think that one is my Fav :)

Shelby~ Agreed :)
We went to Wal-mart and got everybody (cept for Jaden) a Volunteer sweeter! It was fun :)
The Muncks gave us the t-shirts and we love them too! :) it was fun walking around when we ALL had them on cause we got alot looks :) Lots of people asked if we were a church group or if we were having a family reunion :)

Thank you!
Yes we did take a break. We started earlier this year so we could take a break.

Josh and Rebecca Pauls said...

Really great pictures! I like the one of Jen and Liz withh all the kids in the phone booth, and the one of Jen playing ping pong. Can't wait to see more! (;

Rach said...

OK. Thats cool. Nice your family put in that effort for your trip!

Anonymous said...

Aw I loved the pictures to bad you can jump in them and do it all over again. YOu are truely a great friend I really love you and can't wait to see more of your pictures!