Monday, June 7, 2010

Sweet Things On Our Farm

~ Our Three Bunnies ~

~ A Beautiful Butterfly ~

~ Teddy ~

~ Lawny (one of our milk cows) ~

~ Little Chick ~

~ Sophie ~

~ Clara-bell ~

~ Picker Boy (My horse) ~

~ Cute little Kittens ~

And Amanda this one is JUST FOR YOU :)....
~ ?Sweet? turkey ~


rachel addison said...

Your animal are darling, with the help of your beautiful photography.

Mrs. Pauls said...

I really like the picture of Lawny. So cute. Actually both cow pictures are really cute. I didn't know you had goats. Do you milk them too?

M said...

Rachel~ THANK YOU :)

We used to milk sophie a while ago but we don't anymore...she is just a pet now :)

3 Sisters Soaking Up The Son said...

Thank you SSSSOOOOOOO MUCH for the picture of the TURKEY you know how much I love him. By the way Hows his tail doing?

The kittens are so big:(

Love you more then the Turkey

Megan said...

Your very welcome :) His tale is doing a bit better but still not looking like it should :(

Yep the kittens are big! (and they were big when you were here to HEHEH :)

So glad you love me more then the turkey! I was getting a little bit worried :)

Love you to (WAY way more then the turkey)

Jordie, Janae & Jerica said...

Oh wow, you are great at animal photography. Teddy is very cute.


~E~R~I~N~ said...

I really like your photos.
I can never get our pets to look good for the picture.

I liked the chicks best.
I think that they are cute but I do NOT like to hold them!
I'm a kind of sissy farmgirl.

And I liked the post above with the boy and the dog that was neat how you did that.