Thursday, June 3, 2010

::The Gerbrandt Family::

Here is a photo shoot I did of our neighbors.
The kids were great (so were the parents :)
They were all so co-ordinated in their clothing...which makes things look so nice....
plus I hardly needed to edit!
Thank you to the Gerbrandt family for asking me to take your photos :)
I had a fun evening!

:: Thomas::




::Mr. + Mrs. Gerbrandt::


Anonymous said...

Once again Meg you did a great job!!
The pictures are beautiful!
I like tha one where the sun is shining through the clouds,and the kids pictures are so cute!

Love ya girl!


Jordie, Janae & Jerica said...

I love those pictures, they are so beautiful. I like the one with the dandlion. Reminds me of a picture I once saw of the kids up close and the parents behind them out of focus. You are an awesome photographer!
Love Jordie and Janae