Friday, August 5, 2011

Trip to Calgary

This past weekend our family headed to Calgary to meet up with dad's side of the family.
We left bright and early Sat morning.

We stopped @ Medicine Hat the first night.
It was Jen's 20th birthday so we got her a DQ cake and Pizza in the Hotel! 

Then we drove about 3 more hrs the next morning and arrived at Calgary.

We met up with the rest of the family at the hotel that we were going to be staying in.
The kids were pretty excited to get in the pool so as soon as we had everything loaded out of the van we all hopped in the pool :)

Kerri and Mikaya


Josh relaxing!


Andy taking pictures :)

For supper that evening we went to an Italian restaurant 

The next morning a bunch of us went to a Fort in Calgary 
First we walked around outside a bit...

Kerri, Jaden and Rebecca

Mom, Dad and Andy :)

Cousin Zoe and Mikaya


This is the refection off a window! :)

Then inside this building there was a bunch of cool old stuff.....

It was a lot of fun looking at it all! 

Jen and Caleb :)

That afternoon we all went to the MOUNTAINS!!!!
We have been to the mountains a few time but this is the first time that i really enjoyed them!  
They were breath taking and made me think of the awesomeness of God.

Auntie Karen and I set up our tripods and self-timer and took a few Pauls' family was very challenging :)

Then that evening for supper we went to Peter's Drive-in.
And just for the record they have the BEST milkshakes and the food is REALLY good to!!!


Caleb and Milkshake :)




Brooke and Milkshake 

 Dad with his brothers and sister....

We left early the next morning and drove all the way home. We got home around midnight and hopped in bed :)
It was a really quick trip, but lots of fun and it was nice to see the family again! 


Anonymous said...

Wow Megan the pictures look GREAT! Glad you had a great time:) Miss you lots:)


Chasity Simmons said...

Coolio! Sounds like you had a fun great time. Nice pictures. :)

Josh and Rebecca Pauls said...

I was waiting to your pictures already, they are really great!

Anonymous said...

What a fun trip!