Friday, August 19, 2011

Happy Birthday to My Dear Friend.....

Though many many miles separate us on this special day and I am not there to give you a birthday hug I will do my best to make it as memorable as possible.

Today is My dear friend Amanda's 18th birthday.

Amanda is a very sweet girl (and I think know that anybody who knows her would agree!).
We have had made many great memories together and I know we will make many more together.

                                                                                                          Taken Nov. 2010

It has seem like we have know each other our whole lives, but it has only been a little over 2 years since we first met. I am so very thankful that God brought both our families together.

I was looking through the pictures of when our families have visited each other trying to find pictures of us two together but only found a few because.....well lets just say I am not in front of the camera very often! :) And the ones that I did find aren't very good but thought I would share them anyway! :)

Getting ready for a.....Snow ball fight!
Taken April 2009

Not sure what we are doing here :)
Taken April 2009
Taken March 2010

Taken March 2010

And I know I have posted these before but.....
Taken November 2010

Taken November 2010

Taken November 2010

Taken November 2010 

My partner in crime! :)
Taken November 2010

Amanda, I want to thank you for being such a great friend and hope that you have the most wonderful 18th birthday.

I love you MUCHES!!!!

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3 Sisters Soaking Up The Son said...


Dearest Friend! That totally put me in Tears you are like way to sweet! We have changes alot in the little time we have know eachother:) You are truly my BFF and I love you dearly! Thanks for being such a GREAT Friend:)

Love you,