Thursday, March 17, 2011

Could spring REALLY be HERE?!?!

Could it really be?
After waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting, could spring really be here?
It must be true cause....
The weather is a warming, the snow is a melting and the birds are a chirping! :)

Oh, I am so glad that you have come at last spring!

Now I would love to show you pictures of flowers blooming and tree's budding. But in Manitoba spring means SNOW melting and snow melting makes for dirty snow and muddy yard and I am sure you don't want to see pictures of that right?

So instead of showing you pictures of what spring looks like here I will show you pictures that I took when Kerri and I went outside the other day. They are mostly of cows cause we were in the cows pen! :)   
and there is also a bunch of Kerri too! :)

Its melting!!!

Mrs. Grumpy Pants (yes that is really her name!)

Sweet lil' calf

This is Brown Cow


Clarabell (we will be milking her when she has her calf in September)

Miss Farm girl

Its KAYA! 

Mom and Dad enjoying the weather

Zach and Lilly

Kerri looking as sweet as ever :)

Kerri...Looking over the fence (ok, my captions are getting lame! :)

Kerri and Lilly (yes Amanda, its your lilly! )

A cow (she doesn't have a name :)

The MOON! 

Do you have spring where you are?


Shelby said...

I am glad for your sakes that Spring is showing itself. Mrs. Grumpy Pants?! haha! who comes up the names? =)

MEGoo Photography said...

Haha, Mostly dad comes up with the names somtimes jen does too :) But if you would meet mrs. grumpy pants you would see why we called her that :)

3 Sisters Soaking Up The Son said...

Can that really be Lilly? She is so Big, and I miss her so. (Of course I miss you more!) Ok so do you need a name for miss nameless? Cause you know I always have names:)

Love you More girl:)

MEGoo Photography said...

Yes it is really lilly! I sent a picture of her in my letter that I sent you today :) Sure you can name her....But she is going to be sold soon so she doesn't really need a name :) But I am sure she would LOVE one!
Love you A LOT!
Meg-a-roo :)

Josh and Rebecca Pauls said...

Yep we do, one big sign I noticed was that the face fell off of our snow man. :) Can't wait for Spring!!!!!!

Liz said...

too funny we shot the same angle of the moon... come and see mine..