Friday, January 7, 2011

Josh and Rebecca Engagement 2008

Ah, when I think back to this day I think of sitting there with my mom's Canon PowerShot S5 lS holding the shutter button and waiting for it to focus! Yes, what memories :) I also remember Josh and Rebecca getting mad at me when I posed them 2 inches a part from each other :) Fun times! I have learned a whole lot since this photo shoot, each time I look at them I have to laugh cause the are BAD and back then I thought they were the BEST!!! :)

But just for fun I thought I would share with you the beginning of my photography journey...

My First Engagement Photo Shoot....


Sereina said...

Aw, these are sweet! It's no wonder your such a wonderful photographer today. You really have an eye for it, even back then.

Much love,

Megan said...

Aw, Thanks Girl!!

Shelby said...

=) these are fun. They're still great pics

Anonymous said...

Hey girl,
Really like your new header,and the pictures are still great!
I really like them!

Love ya girl!


Anonymous said...

I really think you should get engaged when we come up there so I can take your's and Henry's engagement Pictures! Thats just what I think:) You should tell Henry What I think (wink wink) that would be awsome!

Love you Megan!