Friday, November 27, 2009

Snack Time...With Joey :)

This evening Josiah decided that it was time that he should make his own food!

All Ready...

Always make sure the spoon is clean BEFORE you start to bake...

I think this is the way Megan always does it !?!?!

A little bit of this..

Dosn't it look YUMMY??

Now this is what I call GOOD...if only Megan would stop taking pictures of me and watch what she is doing  :(

Clean- up on aisle #3

All full....

That was so GOOD...I think that I will write the recipe dowm :)


Erin said...

Good job Megan!
That is so cute!!!
How sweet!
He is SO photogenic.
Reminds me of my little brother Michael.


Beca said...

So cute Meg, and Joey, you guys work so well together. Once AJ gets big Joey will have to mix up some food for him, Im sure they will make a great team!!
Missing you lots already!
We had a wonderful time!

Luv Beca and Josh

Meg said...

I think that joe would love to do that...after all he is AJ 's uncle :)

I miss you to :( and I had an GREAT time to...we will have to do it again some time SOON!

I love ya lots