Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The Froese Family

What fuuuuunnnnnn this beautiful family was to photograph.











It was COLD so after a few pictures taken outside, they had the brillint idea of going to a coffee shop and doing some pic's in there...



Eeek! :)




Ya, I know there a cute couple :)



Thanks for the great time you guys!!


Tracey Snowden said...

Great Pictures!!

Anonymous said...

Great! I love number 15! That was very creative:)

Maria Froese - YOUR Independent Scentsy Consultant said...

I LOVE THESE MEG!! YOU did a great job!!! I love love love them:) Thanks so much for doing them!!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE the one w/ the coffee and them kissing it is super cute :)

KAITLIN M. W. said...

Yes, the coffee kissing one is awesome. Adorable family. :)

Marie Hanson said...

beautiful happy family! what a gorgeous dog!

Anonymous said...

Great shots Megan! I hope you are feeling better:) I miss you