Friday, July 15, 2011

A Little Fresh Air

Yesterday evening after being inside all day I decided to go outside for a bit 
(because I was laking fresh air, except I was lacking.... it I was LACKING  it! :)

It was a lovely  cloudy evening.
(oh so very lovely)

Somehow my camera found it's way out with me too.
(strange how that happens )

I took pictures of everything that caught my eye
(well maybe not quite everything! :)

So first I saw some Pussy Cats! 

Then from Pussy Cats to Thistles, what a transition!

Who ever thought that thistles could be pretty?!?

Then from thistles to weeds (I guess thistles are technically weeds too eh? but since I an't that technical I guess it is ok! )

Then from weeds to grass to a ...

Canola field...

I love driving through the country when the canola is in is SO pretty!!!

And then a few random flowers that I found in my sweet sis-in-laws gardens...

And well thats all! :)


Anonymous said...

Oh Dear sweet even Sweeter Megan:) I so wish I could be with you, I long to go on walks with you and talk with you and um laugh with you and maybe cry I don't know but I do long to be with you! YOur pictures turned out beautiful (as always) The pussy cat pictures are my favorite and the the feild and then the thistles.

I LOVE YOU Dearling!
And miss you so much!

Anonymous said...

Aww what cute kitty pictures!
I don't know why I have started to like cats?!?!

Love, Liz

Anonymous said...

Nice pictures Meg, they are all very pretty, I really like the canola ones, you gotta love those country summers!
I miss you LOTS to girl!
Can't wait to see ya!
Love ya!