Thursday, July 29, 2010

Happy Birthday and Music Video

Happy 19th Birthday Jennifer!
I LOVE you!!!!

And since Jennifer likes horses so much I thought it would be appropriate to post a music video that we made a few days ago.

Us girls have been wanting to do a music video with the song 'The Great Adventure" for a long time...So a few weeks ago Raechelle our dear friend agreed to record us riding so that I could put this video together. Raechelle did an AMAZING job with recording that made it look all the better :) Thanks a WHOLE lot Rae!!!

To watch the video click on the little box in the bottom left corner...

From 2010-07-28_2


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Jen I love you oh so much Canadian Sis!

You lil USA sis:) Liz

Shelby said...

you did a really good job on putting the movie together Meg. I think i watched it twice. It's neat to see all ya'll together and the music is perfect

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Jenny!

I love you SO very much Jenny!!

I know you'll be having a wonderful day with your new little brother.
give him a kiss for me k? :)

You did a great job with the music video Meg,and thanks for letting me record it I had a great time with you girls!

Love you LOTS!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Jen!
Meghan, you did an awesome job with putting this video together!
Love Ya!
Love Jordie Janae Jerica