Saturday, October 10, 2009

Mike & Jeanette

Let me tell you 1 thing
Mike & Jeanette were TONS FUN to work with...
Enjoy:) more thing..they are expecting twins for exciting

See told ya they were fun:)

Thank you guys so much for asking me to do this.
I had TONs of FUN ( I'm I repeating myself?!?!)


Mrs. Pauls said...

We love the pictures! Thank you so much!! Looking forward to seeing what you photograph next.

Lisa said...

Hi Megan. I'm Jeanette's sister. Thanks for the beautiful pictures. They are all spectacular, but I think my fav is the old truck hood shot. The belly pics are fantastic too. I love that you can see the "goofy" spirit in some of the pictures that is so apart of their relationship.

A Walk in My Flip Flops said...

They look great! I have always wanted Mom to have Twins :)